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Do It Yourself

Here are things that you can do yourself to help make your heating, air conditioning and humidification systems work more efficiently and prevent unnecessary failures.

1. Filters

You should have a routine to change or wash your furnace filters depending on the type of filter you are using.

  • A - Regular throwaway: 4 - 6 times per year
  • B - Pleated throwaway:  2 - 4 times per year
  • C - Deep pleated 4-5" thick: 1 - 2 times per year
  • D - Electronic Air Cleaner:  4 - 6 times per year

2. Thermostat

This should be set to the desired temperature for each season and allowed to operate automatically as needed.

  • A Cooling season not below 22C / 71.6F
  • B Heating season not below 16C / 60F

Change battery yearly in battery operated thermostats.

3. Furnaces and Air Conditioners

  • Should be kept free from debris
  • ie; Do not store articles around the furnace.
  • Remove overgrown shrubbery from condensing unit outside.
  • Ensure you do not block return air and supply air vents.
  • Winter Note! Ensure vents through the wall of your house are free to breathe. Periodically check and clear excess snow.

4. Humidifiers Need attention.

  • Drums or panels if corroded should be replaced as needed.
  • Water pans should be cleaned as needed.

5. Other Equipment such as Heat Recovery Ventilators

  • Require regular filter cleaning:2 - 4 times per year
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